Tuesday, January 02, 2007

last year's goals

I've just looked at my knitting goals for 2006 post from last January. You'll have to read it to make sense of this one. How did I do?

Angelica was never finished. That gorgeous lambswool/cashmere yarn is currently sitting waiting for me to decide what to do with it. I did start Ivy, but my gauge was off and it was too big and then I decided I didn't like it (the crossover comes too low, I think it would look odd on me). So I think I'm make a simple v-neck jumper, possibly by using the back and sleeves of Ivy, but rewriting the front completely.

The silk top got ripped out pretty soon after that. I used some of the yarn to make a silk scarf for my mum (which somehow never got blogged) and the rest is still sitting under my bed.

I finished the second Jaywalker sock and I love them. I even made another pair.

I haven't used any of the bag of cream aran, or made Leaves in Relief, but I have used quite a bit of the yarn from my Grandma's stash, and I've learned how to cable and read cable charts.

I never did try entrelac. Too much fiddle. HP did though.

I did design and knit myself something from scratch, my purple cotton cardigan. Very satisfying. It's not perfect, but I did wear it a lot in late spring and early autumn.

I did knit socks (many socks) and one baby jumper, but not another Clapotis. Still working on finding a yarn I like.

Right, let's think, what are my goals for 2007?

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