Monday, January 22, 2007

beginnings and false starts

Forecast is finished and lovely and I've been wearing it all weekend, but haven't yet got a decent photo. I'll have another go. Instead, here's the monkey sock I started on Saturday.

I made good progress at the knit together on Saturday, it was looking good, the stitch pattern's gorgeous, I love the colours of the yarn (Sloe from Curious Yarns, who are still offline, I hope they're not gone forever). But, it doesn't fit. It took me this far to admit that actually I can't get my foot into it. So, bye bye sock. I'm going to start it again, over 72 stitches with a modified stitch pattern. (There are two obvious places to add stitches to turn the lace pattern into a 18 stitch, 13 row repeat.) But rather than go straight onto that, I started this.

It's the Shetland Triangle from Wrap Style (thanks to Lyndsey-Jane) in luscious but apparently unphotographable handpsun kid mohair. The yarn is very variable, laceweight thin in some spots, thick dk in others. I played around with a couple of needle sizes. 5mm seems to be big enough so that the details don't get lost, but not so big that the yarnovers become enormous. Of course, right now it just looks like a big purple lump, but I'm confident blocking will open it up.


pacalaga said...

Oooh, it's lovely. I have some recycled silk I've reserved for the Shetland Triangle...Maybe I should get it out and start!

Bagpuss said...

The Monkey sock look great - shame about the fit. I will see how your revised stitch pattern goes as I will probably need to 'borrow' it for mine. The Shetland Triangle is looking good!

Alice said...

that monkey pattern is lovely, and such good yarn for it!

can't wait to see forecast.

HP said...

wow they both look beautiful. sorry the monkey sock doesn't fit. :-(
hope your next try is better cos it looks brill.
love you