Wednesday, January 03, 2007

knitting goals for 2007

Right, I've had a think. This is what I'd like to do in 2007.

Only have 2 projects on the go at once, one portable and one not.
Now, a look at my sidebar would suggest this is already not happening. But it sort of is. There's one lovemeknot sock which has been waiting a very long time for a mate, but since it's not actually on the needles, it doesn't count. I decided making myself a new hat was more important right now. When Shedir's done, I'll knit another lovemeknot. And the garter stitch shawl is a long term using up scraps type project, so that doesn't really count either.

Knit from stash more often than buying new yarn
I'll start by working out what I've got, mentally assigning some to projects and perhaps getting rid of stuff I'm never going to use. I've got some gorgeous stuff waiting to be knit (handspun mohair springs to mind) and some lese gorgeous stuff (various shades of red and burgundy superwash aran weight, none of which is enough to make anything out of on its own, but none of which really goes with any of the others).

Try stranded colourwork
I love how it looks, but I'm a little scared of it. This might be a good way to sort out my idiosyncratic and inefficient throwing style, or to learn to knit Continental. There are some pretty patterns in the latest Knitty that might be a good place to start.

Knit more lace
I've tried it in 4-ply/sock yarn. Now it's time to try it with proper laceweight.

Knit less
I got a bit overwhelmed with knitting in the autumn and winter, partly because I set myself too many things to do. Once I start my Open University course again in February, I need to spend more of my free time on that and less on knitting. Knitting should be relaxation, not something I feel I must do, but something I enjoy doing.


Alice said...

one of my goals is to knit less. Specifically "read more: knit less"... as my flatmate keeps saying, it's a hobby for goodness sake we shouldn't let us feel guilty!

love the socks below by the way!

Rosie said...

Knitting less is a brave decision but you'll probably enjoy it all the more when you can natch the time to knit. Those socks are gorgeous and I love the tea cosy, too. I've never been brave enough to try steeks.

princesspumpkin said...

Oh yeah, knitting goals.... Mine are: learn to knit socks, actually give away knitted gifts (instead of hogging them myself), experiment with more than one yarn in a project (e.g. different fibres/colours) and try steeks (*trembling*...there's a reason this word ends with 'eek!')