Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the first of many Christmas socks

These are the ones I made for my Grandad.

Started: 18(?) December 2006

Finished: 26 December 2006

Pattern: Based on Thuja, but worked over 72 stitches.

Yarn: Trekking Pro-Natura

Needles: 2.5mm circulars, 2.25mm dpns

Notes: If you look closely, you'll see the tops of the cuffs are slightly different. Both use a tubular cast on, but with different techniques. For sock 1, I used the tubular technique from a knitty article which I can't find since the archives got reorganised, but for sock 2, since I'd forgotten to bring the right needles, I used the fiddly but clever Italian tubular cast on from FluffBuff's useful tutorial. The first step took me a while to master, but then something clicked and I got it. The tricky bit is knitting the first row and making sure that you're knitting something that's meant to be a stitch each time. If you get it right, the result is neat and stretchy.

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