Monday, September 03, 2007

back to school vest FO

back to school vest, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

Started: July 2007

Finished: 2 September 2007

Pattern: Back to School U-neck vest from Fitted Knits by Stefanie Japel

Yarn: 300g Troon Tweed from Texere in Purple multi fleck. This is an oiled yarn, so needed a good wash once it was done. It still smells a little oily, so I might give it another wash.

Needles: 4.5mm and 4mm circs.

Modifications: Made the ribbing longer, made the neck line a little lower, added a couple of inches before the arm holes begin, put a little shaping at the shoulders and did a 3-needle cast-off instead of a seam.

I love the fit. It's a little warm to wear at the moment, but I think once it gets colder, I'll wear it a lot. Lots of the knitting was done on holiday in Cornwall, so there are some good memories knitted in. Plus I am going 'back to school' in a sense this month. I'm going to be a student again, doing an MA course in English. Hooray!

back to school vest closeup
back to school vest closeup, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.


jen said...

Wow that's lovely! Great colour, and the fit looks really good too.

Brynne said...

That is so beautiful! It looks so good on you that I'm thinking of buying the book now myself!

Elly said...

You look great love.

Octopus Knits said...

Very nice!

String Bean said...

I love the color and the fit is great. Yay for tweed!

blest said...

I STILL want one of these.

And your sister's stomach just gurgled at me....what does it all mean?!