Monday, January 15, 2007

first FO of 2007

I've got a new hat. Hoorah!

Started: 3 January 2007

Finished: 14 January 2007

Pattern: Shedir from the Knitty Breast Cancer special edition. (pdf from here)

Yarn: 1 and a bit balls of Rowan Calmer in a gorgeous purple colour that seems to be new, since I can't find it online anywhere.

Needles: 3.25mm circulars (UK size 10s, a new acquisition from my Grandma's knitting treasure trove. I must show you all the things she gave me.)

Modifications: 2 extra repeats of the straight section so it keeps my ears warm. Actually it's a little bit too deep and tends to poke up above my head as you can see here. But I'd rather that than cold ears.

I think of this as my SeaChange hat since most of it was knitted in front of the tv watching SeaChange with my housemates. (It's an Australian drama series about a small coastal town. We're borrowing it on video from a friend.)


Elly said...

Grandma might ask you about knitting magzines. She saw one advertised with a patchwork quilt in it but now can't remember what it was called.

Debs said...

I like it :-)

HP said...

I want one its sooooo cool
i want to knit solething too but i'm not sure what
i need to get started on my cardigan but its a little dauting and scary and right now i have things like exams which should be a little more pressing!!

princesspumpkin said...

I'm glad you're enjoying SeaChange. It's one of those quintessential Australian series. I had such a crush on Angus back then...

Nice hat, btw.

Pig wot flies said...

Angus? Well I suppose so. I'm more of a Diver Dan girl. :-)