Monday, November 14, 2005

mademoiselle fluffy belle

fluffy front
Originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

A finished and very fluffy pink and purple cardigan. Mouseover for a back view.

Pattern: Fluffy Belle courtesy of Kate of Make and Boo.

Yarn: Richard Poppleton Eclipse chunky with mohair, shades 93 (pink) and 82 (purple)

Needles: 6mm straight, 5mm circulars, 4.5mm dpns

Modifications: I made the arms a little shorter, although they're still very long. I added i-cord ties.

Date: 13th - 31st October 2005

I love this, especially the collar. It's a little bonkers, but I've had lots of admiring comments and several "Will you knit one for me?". To which the response is "No, but I'll teach you to knit."

To show you how long the sleeves are, here's a silly picture of me. I'm not sure what I'm doing in this one either.

silly me

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