Tuesday, March 20, 2007


ester front, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

I finished Ester.

Started: 8 March 2007

Finished: 18 March 2007, (just in time for Mansfield Park on ITV).

Pattern: Ester by Alice.

Yarn: 5 or 6 balls (I lost count) of cream coloured aran wool, unlabelled.

Needles: 4.5mm circulars

A very quick knit, simple shape, the cable pattern keeps it interesting.

Edited to add: I made the M size and blocked it to the schematic measurements. I'm actually in between the M and L sizes, so it looks a little small on me. If you're knitting this, decide whether you want to be able to fasten in front as in the pattern photo, in which case you might want to add some ease. The bust sizes given seem to be the size of the finished garment, rather than the size of the wearer.

Here's a back view.

ester back


Alice said...

wow! super-quick

it looks great in cream

elly said...

I like that. A useful cover up for whenits a bit chilly.
Is it a bit big or is just that howit was lying.

jen said...

Oh I like it a lot! I thought that was a very cool pattern when I first saw it, it's good to see another one (and done so quickly!).

Louise said...

Looks fab - well done - I really like this pattern - I don't normally go for the shrug type designs but this really suits you and I might give it a go myself.

Webbo said...

Very nice indeed! I had the same thought about the sizing when I made mine but to be honest, I think it looks great in Alice's version and in yours.

nuttnbunny said...

Just finished this as a KAL. Thinking of doing another, modifying the pattern to knit it as a single, circular piece. Looks good in the white.