Tuesday, March 21, 2006

at long last, jaywalkers

It feels like I've been knitting these for ever. The first one was completed in December, but it's been hanging around waiting for a mate for long time since then. Now I've got a pair.

Pattern: The notorious Jaywalker

Yarn: Angel hand-dyed sock yarn colourway 11

Needles: 2.5mm dpns

Modifications: Increased number of stitches to 92.

Notes: I've learnt a lot in the making of these socks, about how socks fit and about how to fix mistakes. There are subtle changes between the first and second sock. I've got better at grafting, I can do it almost without thinking now. I've also learnt that you generally slip stitches knitwise unless told otherwise. On the heel for the first sock, all the slipped stitches were slipped purlwise.

The final fit is good on the leg, but a bit baggy on the foot. If making these again, I'd do them toe-up to get the fit right. I'm finding I like my socks to fit closely and I think these are a bit too baggy to wear with some of my shoes. The second sock seems looser than the first. Admittedly it hasn't been blocked yet, but perhaps my tension has changed over the last few months.

The yarn is pretty and rather more subtle than some of my other sock yarn. I'm never sure whether I like it or not. Initially, it had good stitch definition, but it gets fuzzy with washing and hanging around.

I'm not overjoyed with this socks, but I'm glad they're finally finished.


Mary deB said...

I reallllly like that blanket your feet are on!

I always slip stitches purlwise, not sure why. I once read that any repeated mistake is a pattern (must have been Elizabeth Zimmermann!) so I'll just keep doing it that way.

Anonymous said...

Your socks from me started out to be Jaywalkers too, but I didn't like the way they were looking so I changed to another pattern. Good thing, although I suppose one can never have too many pairs of purple socks!
Your Sockpal

Pig wot flies said...

Thanks Mary! It was made by my sisters and me. It's very bright and cheerful.