Monday, March 05, 2007

another Clapotis

another Clapotis, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

And another FO. I wasn't feeling well over the weekend, so spent lots of time knitting.

Started: 2 February 2007

Finished: 4 March 2007

Pattern: The ubiquitous Clapotis

Yarn: 300g of Scrumptious from Fyberspates

Needles: 5mm bamboo straights

Modifications: Twisting the stitches on purl and knit sides. (The stitches you knit through the back loop on the right side get purled through the back loop on the wrong side). This makes the edge next to the ladders even neater. I didn't bother with stitch markers since it was easy to see which stitch was which.

Clapotis is boring to knit: even dropping stitches becomes less exciting by the end, but the result is worth it.

I'm not wearing a hat, that's my dressing gown. Must remember to think about the background I'm standing against.


Ely said...

This is a great picture but I agree about the background. I put your picture with the shawl as my desktop at Avon house as I had had HP there for ages. William said this morning 'Is she going to a Halloween party?' Maybe he thought the shawl looked spidery or something.Anyway I like both pictures very much . You are looking great adn it's not just cos I am your mum.

Anne said...

And here was me thinking you were wearing a rather fetching fez. Ah well!