Tuesday, March 21, 2006

out of the dark

I decided I was fed up with the dark blue background. I like the way the colours stand out against white. It does lose the difference between pigwotflies and pigwotknits though. I'll probably do some more tweaking soon.


pacalaga said...

I like the white background. I haven't read your flies blog, so this is all new and good to me. :-)
Lemme ask you this - how do you get the buttons and such in your sidebar without hotlinking them?

Pig wot flies said...

Hi pacalaga. You need to save buttons to your own server somehow. I do it by saving the image I want to my computer and then using it in a post. It's then on the blogger server and you can use the image url to put it in your sidebar. You could also do it by saving the image to flickr or another free photo sharing site.