Monday, March 27, 2006


I've got an essay to write to post on Wednesday morning. I can tell because my wrists hurt. I was supposed to do lots of essay writing yesterday, but instead I did lots of kntting-based displacement activities and now my wrists ache slightly. Oops. A couple of days not knitting and they'll be fine again.

So what did I knit? I started Pomatomus, (above) but I decided I didn't like it. The yo holes looked huge (although looking at this version, I think they're meant to be) and I had big ladders and I didn't like the way it was pooling. So that's been ripped. The yarn might become Mata Hari socks, but I think I should finish my sock pal socks first.

Talking of the Elfines, I've reknit the short row heel on the first one about three times and I'm still not totally happy with it. I just can't work out how to knit the wraps together on the knit side. The pattern says knit the wraps and stitch together through the back loop (something like that), but that makes a big loop on the right side when I do it. Perhaps I'm just interpreting it wrong. I'm fine on the purl side (the trick is to lift the wraps onto the needle and then purl them together). I'll try the backwards yarnover method on the second heel I think. I need to get a move on. 2nd May seemed ages away when I started, but now it's nearly April.

I did loads of boring stocking stitch rows on the body of Angelica while watching Poirot last night, so she's getting nearer to being finished. I'd like to finish her soon or it'll be too warm to wear her. Not worth a picture since she'd just be a big navy blue blob.

I feel like I'm being well-behaved by only having two projects on the go. There are all sorts of lovely projects in my head tempting me to get them started, but (if you ignore the red and purple Pomatomus, which is ripped now, so I don't think it counts) I'm being good and sticking with two.

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