Wednesday, March 08, 2006

fruitless progress

I'm going to give cabling circles a try one day. I've got a sort of a design in mind, but it'll probably be months before I've got the time to think about it properly.

Yesterday I did lots of little knitting things that didn't come to much.

I wound skeins of sock wool into balls (or yarn cakes, if you like). Orange and green Fyberspates for my sock pal and purple and red for me.

I tried to find my 2.75mm dpns to start Pomatomus. I know I've got some somewhere, but they were elusive.

I knit a toe and half a lace repeat of Elfine's socks on 2.25mm dpns (yes, my sock pal socks) before deciding a) that my gauge was too small and I needed to go up a size and b) that this pattern is written for Magic Loop for a reason and maybe I ought to give it a try. So I ripped.

Thinking about it, I always end up going up a needle size for socks, so I've ordered some 3mm dpns for making Pomatomus (I've got size issues, having large feet, so I might even need to go up a size again if that doesn't work, but I've got some 3.25mms) and some 2.5mm Addi circs for Elfine. I've never tried Addis and I've heard many good things about them.

I also knitted a few rows of Angelica. After weeks of knitting scratchy wool, lambswool and cashmere feels like butter. I'm about halfway through the waist darts. I'm worried they start a bit high. When I've got a moment, I'll slip it onto waste yarn and have a try-on.

And I did a little gauge swatching for a secret, but hopefully quick project. I'm way off, of course. I'm not sure whether to go with what I've got and adapt the pattern or buy yet more circs in a different size. Or buy different yarn, but I'm trying to use up my stash and not buy things at the moment. What's a knitter to do?


Elly said...

I think I need a translation for some of this.

Pig wot flies said...

dpns = double pointed needles.
circs = circular needles
magic loop = a technique for knitting in the round on one circular needle, which is folded, sort of.

But yes, it's written in knitter speak, which is one of the reasons I started a knitting blog in addition to my other blog.