Tuesday, March 07, 2006

cabled circles

Does anyone know how to cable a circle?

I've seen Eunny's notes on unventing cables and the girl from auntie's notes on closed loop cabling, but neither tells me what I want to know - how to make a circle, either a single line, or a cable in a circle, kind of like a laurel wreath. Does that mean it's impossible, or just tricky?

Any thoughts?


Mary deB said...

About a million years ago, in maybe the early 90s, there was a sweater in a Vogue Knitting with cabled circles. My copy is in a box in the basement of my Toronto house... I think they were more () shaped, not really round, probably had pointy bottoms and tops... Not much help, eh?

Pig wot flies said...

Well it might be worth a look if I can track down a copy. Thanks.

Ariel said...

There are some little circles in Barbara Walker's third book (Charted Knitting Designs). They are quite round.

A laurel-wreath type design would probably be doable, just a bit tricky, and would NOT be a perfect circle.

Unless you were willing to knit the cable separately and sew it on, in which case you could do something with a cabled strip bent via short rows into a circle (sort of like the collar of Eris.)

eunny said...

The thing about cabled or traveling line circles is, the fabric grows in one direction only, so you have to think of the circle as two seperate strands that meet at the bottom and top. You can start an infinte line or closed loop, take each of the two strands out at a severe angle right away, knit up straight for a little while, bring them back in at the same acute angle, and close the loop. It takes some futzing with the numbers and lots of swatching, but you can usually get something pretty close to a perfect circle. Here's a motif I charted a little while ago; you can see the slight bumpiness at the top and the bottom: link

Pig wot flies said...

Thanks Eunny, that's how I thought it would work. I think I'll just have to try it out.