Monday, June 05, 2006

WiP round-up

I have decided that this month, in preparation for moving across town (finally found somewhere to live yesterday. Not finalised yet, but looking good, hurrah!) I will aim to finish all my current knitting projects, with two exceptions. This is my current list.

Angelica: Oldest WiP. The body is done and the front opening. I tried the neckline treatment as written, decided I didn't like it and did an i-cord cast-off instead. She needs arms. This is a problem. The armholes are huge. I got 2/3 down one sleeve, decided it was far too large and ripped. The answer is probably some sort of short puff sleeve, although I'm not totally convinced that puff sleeves will match the slinkiness of the body. Any suggestions? I want to get her finished and I really don't want to frog until I've tried everything possible.

Somewhat Cowl: Rather less of a cowl, more of a long low scoopy neck. Body and neckline are finished, she needs arms. I'd like long arms, length will probably depend on how long the yarn lasts.

Forecast: Still looks like this. This is one thing I plan not to complete this month, in fact I want to get other things done so I can work on it.

Garter stitch shawl: This is a long-term stashbusting/using up scraps of yarn project, so I don't expect it to get finished anytime soon.

Purple and red socks: Toe-up ribbed socks. One sock done, one yet to be started. Awaiting a decision on whether they're for me or someone else.

Purple and yellow Jaywalkers aka psychedelic tiger socks: Started this weekend while revising (i.e. watching videos of As You Like It and Top Girls). I'll explain the name when they're done. Sock one is already past the heel and into decreasing the heel gussets. I know I had lots of problems with Jaywalkers the first time round and wasn't very enthusiastic about the completed pair, but actually, of all my handknit socks (4 pairs), they're the ones I wear most frequently. I think I've fixed my sizing issues, and somehow this pattern's perfect for variegated yarn when you want to make something that isn't plain stocking stitch or rib.

So that's four arms and 2 and a half socks to knit by the end of the month. Possible, I think.

Waiting in the wings to be started once I've cleared the decks: Arisaig in vintage Jaeger gaelicspun (swatched last week, got gauge, hooray!), Diamond fantasy shawl in HipKnits cashmere sock yarn, more Elfines, possibly for me, possibly for someone else, Hopscotch socks as designed by Pixeldiva in more HipKnits cashmere.


pixeldiva said...

Oh my. The first online mention of my first designed knitted item. This tickles me more than I can possibly express.

I guess you're a member of the cashmere club then? ;)

Pig wot flies said...

Yup. Looks like a fun pattern, well done! I'll let you know how I get on.

HP said...

What does WiP mean please? Anybody?

9I'm guessing its something-in-progress?)