Friday, June 30, 2006

knitting and scissors

A scary combination.

2 posts down is Angelica. If I'm ever going to wear her, the keyhole neckline has to go. But it's knit from the top down. What can I do? If I were sewing, it would be easy. I'd just cut, maybe make a new neckline facing. I could just tuck the end bits in as Katie does. Or I could do a scary cutting, sort of steeking but not really because steeks won't work thing.

This is what I thought of. Work out how I want the neckline to be and mark the stitches that would be the end of the row. (maybe borrow a technique from steeking and do a line of crochet). Cut and unravel rows up to (or near) the stitches I've marked. Neaten the resulting ends in such a way that they're going nowhere. Either turn under like a facing, or pick up and knit a new edging all round the neckline. What do you think? Worth trying or a recipe for tears and a sad pile of yarn?


Alice said...

could you pick up sts with a finer yarn and do something slightly lacey?

pacalaga said...

definitely worth trying. If you're not going to finish or wear it the way it is, you might as well try to fix it. Then if you still hate it, you can rip it and only waste a short bit of the yarn at the top. BUT, if you love it and it comes out nicely, then you can feel smart and clever and have a beautiful top. (I love it so far! - I can't wait to see the shape you decide on, because I love the body of that sweater but hate the keyhole neckline too.)