Wednesday, June 14, 2006

big sock little sock

big sock little sock, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

Those unpaired socks I was talking about. Purple and red sock 2 is on the needles. I'm amused by how much bigger the jaywalker sock is. The red sock is 64 stitches, k3 p1 ribbing, so looks pretty small when relaxed and jaywalkers are notoriously unstretchy because the stitches are on the bias. (Incidentally, I once spent a whole bus journey planning an experiment to investigate the stretchiness of the knitted stitch, involving finding Young's Modulus for different sorts of stitch patterns in different directions. I've never got round to doing the experiment. I'd have to find a school lab to borrow equipment from and stuff, but wouldn't it be a fun experiment to do? Or is that just me?)

Sorry Cambridge knitters, I failed to make it to a meet-up yet again. Blame post-exam tiredness and the rain. And the choir rehearsal. Mostly the choir rehearsal. Anyone want to come and hear us?


Anne said...

We'll forgive you, although you missed seeing some beautiful things. Never mind there'll be more beautiful things next time.

The concert looks great - I love the Faure Requiem, but I don't think I can make it :-(

Rosie said...

I'm sure that choir was more civilized, we were surrounded by f**tb*ll fanatics.