Friday, June 30, 2006

fading from blue to purple

I've been passing this field every day since January and in that time it first got greener and greener and then more and more blue-ish purple. Close up, the flowers are more blue than purple, but each one is surrounded by greyish purple leaves and the effect over the whole field is a haze of purple. I thought it might be an appropriate way to shade from the blue of June to the purple of July.

Purple, ah purple. My favourite colour, not hard to guess, really, looking at the things I've done recently. So is there purple knitting in the near future? There's another purple and yellow sock to knit and I've just started a pink and purple thing that might be a birthday present. I think it's safe to say, I never stray far from the purple.

(Anyone know what the plant is, by the way?)

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E-J said...

Lovely photo - and what a lovely sight to pass daily. I can't help with identifying the purple stuff. I'm just pondering what it is that makes so many knitters crazy about purple. Do you think purple dyes are especially rich? I'm a fan of green (if we were talking about watercolour, I'd say sap green) but as a newbie crocheter I haven't yet come across the perfect shade of green yarn. Perhaps it doesn't exist, and I will end up a convert to purple ...