Friday, October 20, 2006

last night's knitting

last night's knitting, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

Look what I found when I got home last night - Yarn Forward. So I got all excited and curled up with some chocolate to read it. It's good. It feels like an extension of the UK knitblogosphere and I think that's a good thing, in that it's ours, by knitters, for knitters, but it's also not exclusive or cliquey. There aren't bloggy in-jokes or product placement. Kerrie's very clear it's not a HipKnits house mag and it isn't. But it does have her friendliness and accessibility stamped all over it.

Enough of the style, how about the content? The cover design is by Ysolda and it's gorgeous! There's a darling little top by Alice, a sock pattern, a bag pattern, a couple of cardigans (one for men) and probably other stuff I've forgotten. All in a proper range of sizes. No ridiculous XL=40" bust here! The patterns look well set out and easy to follow. The only thing I'd like to add would be schematics. Perhaps they could be online if there isn't enough space in the mag itself? Another good thing is the suggestions for substitute yarns for different budgets. All in all, it's a great new venture and I wish it well. Go Kerrie!

Also last night, more Arisaig sleeve (going on forever!) and more Forecast (also interminable!). With both of these projects, I've got to the stage I just want to get the things finished. I'm trying to be good and resist starting anything else, or I'll never be done. Having two projects on the go so I can switch between them helps, especially since they're quite different.


Alice said...


I'm still waiting for my copy. I saw some preview pics though, and I really love the red shawl.

Rosie said...

It really is a good mag, ins't it? I'd have liked to see yardages given, to make the substiuting even easier. Both your current projects look really good. I'm still at work on a scarf I started in early September. Must knit more, work less.