Tuesday, October 17, 2006

jumper stash

jumper stash, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

It seems I only ever knit things in purple or pink. This is (nearly) all the knitted (and non-knitted) jumpers I own, two-thirds of them made by my own fair hands. And as you can see, there's not a lot of deviation from the purple/pink side of the colour wheel. And currently on the needles are two more purple garments and one navy one, all for me.
(click though to flickr for notes on each one.)

What to do?

Expand my colour palatte. The one jumper not in that picture, because I'm wearing it, is grey. It's a shopbought mohair-blend with a huge cowl collar, which I love, slightly unexpectedly. But then, as far as basic suit colours go, black is too dark for me and navy always makes me look like I work in a bank. Charcoal and grey are one way I could branch out. Or red. There's not much red in my jumper collection. Perhaps a nice claret or burgundy.

Of course, I mostly knit in purple because that's what suits me and goes with my wardrobe. Green just isn't me, ditto orange, yellow and brown. So perhaps I should knit for other people. I'm sure other people I know could be pursuaded to have things knit for them.

Any other ideas?


Alice said...


I don't think there's anything wrong with have a colour you tend to work with and own.

That's a very impressive stash!

I should knit myself more jumpers. I'm thinking of doing a forecast, and looking at the rowanspun cucumberpatch have left, probably in the same purple you're doing yours in. (it's that or grey, and I'm blattling against a wardrobe that's a bit gloomy) - would you reccommend the yarn, or is it a false economy? I might just go for the cascade 220 on getknitted.

Pig wot flies said...

Hi Alice. I like the rowanspun. It takes cables well, they're nice and crisp and the speckles give the colour just enough interest. I've never used cascade 220, so I can't compare, but I'd definitely use rowanspun again.

Debs said...

You need to go back and look at the note you wrote for the stripey jumper. I don't think you knitted it with your fists.

Pig wot flies said...

ooh,ta. Fixed now.

jen said...

What about something with a tweedy yarn that had little flecks of other colours in? Or stripes, you can knit colours that totally aren't you into stripes and suddenly they're ok. Cool jumpers though, I love the colours!