Wednesday, September 06, 2006

two socks, not a pair

hopscotch sock, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

The socks I knit in Scotland went back to London in my mum's car by mistake, but now they're back in Cambridge. Here's sock one of a pair of Hopscotch socks designed by Pixeldiva. It's a lovely pattern, dead easy to memorise, but very effective. The foot has 60 stitches and fits nicely, if snuggly. I decided my ankles might be too big to get into the sock, so increased to 70 stitches above the heel. (The lace pattern is 10 stitches across). Consequently, it's a bit loose on the leg, but since it's an ankle sock, I don't think that matters. Anyway, nice pattern, sock 2 will be done soon.

lovemeknot sock
lovemeknot sock, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies

This is a lovemeknot sock designed by Alice. The hearts are illusion knitted, which is so much fun! Quite mathematical and it's intriguing watching the pattern emerge as you knit. These are 72 stitches which is on the loose side (should have swatched, lazy me) but still an acceptable fit. I suspect I might have used rather more than half a ball of black for the first sock so might have to buy some more.


Alice said...

I'm having serious problems with blogger letting me comment

but yay! lovemeknots!! I think black and white is becoming my favourite combo

Jess said...

So sweet!!! You know I love knitting and think that every girl should know artwork!!! My first socks were knitted during my stay in the Dubai hotel, while we visited the Emirates!!! I knitted them to my former boyfriend, now my husband!!! He was shocked whem saw them and found out that they were made by me!!!! They even still remain his favourite ones!!! :)