Thursday, September 14, 2006


Last night (while watching Much Ado About Nothing on our new DVD player. Woo!) I finished the back of Arisaig and cast on for the first front. It's gorgeous, but apparently unphotographable. I tried this morning and every one came out too dark or too blurry. Never mind, it's gorgeous and I love it.

I'm trying to be good and not start anything until I've finished what's already on the needles. This is what's currently in progress:

Forecast: Almost up to where the sleeves divide off. According to the row count, I should be there, but when I try it on, it's obvious I'm not. I need to measure my gauge again and see what's going on. I started Forecast as written, with purled garter stitch, but got fed up with so much purling which was slowing me down, so switched to knit. This means I'm doing all my cables and bobbles from the wrong side, but they seem to look OK.

Angelica: Stalled, likely to be frogged fairly soon. I don't like the neckline and I love the yarn so much I want it to be something I'll really love. On the lookout for a pattern I love.

Diamond Fantasy shawl: I did one and half repeats the weekend I started and haven't done any since. This has a Christmas deadline, so I ought to get back to it soon.

Hopscotch socks: Sock one is done, sock two is growing slowly. This is my portable knitting, so I do a few rows here and there when I have time. A couple of evenings' solid work would probably finish it.

Lovemeknot socks: Sock one done, sock two waiting to be started.

Garter stitch shawl: Long term stash-buster/odd ball project. Won't be done any time soon.

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