Thursday, February 02, 2006

sock it to me

Sockapaloooza began yesterday and I've now got my sockpal's details. I've just been to look at her blog and wow, she's a great sock knitter! Feels like I've got a lot to live up to in knitting socks for her. Time to learn a few new techniques I think.

I'm thinking of something lacey, which will be a new thing for me. I'd better get some practice in. I've got a couple of sock yarns coming my way soon, neither of which is quite right for my sock pal, but I like them, so I can practice for sock pal socks and make socks for me. I'm thinking of trying Pomatomus which is a challenge to say and will be a challenge to knit. I've a feeling it might need resizing and I've no idea how to do that. Changing the needle size might do. Cross that bridge when we come to it. But first I really REALLY must get the other jaywalker sock done. And buy a camera!

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