Friday, February 03, 2006

ready, steady, go!

Quick off the mark as usual, I'm joining the Knitting Olympics. I'm going to be knitting BPT. This time last week, I'd never cabled. Last Friday night I did my first cabled swatch and it turned out OK. Cabling seems to look weird and messy when you'd doing it, but when it's finished, it sort of magically transforms.

I think I might end up making a few cabled garments over the course of this year. I've just bought the pattern for Glampyre's Bulky cabled cardigan and ordered some Debbie Bliss Maya to make it in and there's that tree hoodie I'm thinking about.

Must stop planning new projects when the old ones aren't finished.

Oh, I cast on for the second jaywalker last night. So that's something.

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