Friday, February 17, 2006

not gonna happen

Some common sense and mental maths tells me that I've not got enough pink yarn for the whole of the body and the arms of my hoodie. Bother. I think I shall have to use up all the pink to finish the body. I do have two other purple yarns of the same gaage to complete it with. One is a heathery colour, the other a gorgeous bluey purple called Blackberry. Trouble is, they don't really go with each other and I don't think there's enough of either to do both arms and the hood. Do I knit the arms in one and the hood in the other or just the arms and leave the hood off altogther? Oh the decisions.

I think I'll see how far the pink yarn takes me and then decide.

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Mary deB said...

Do we know a single Cambridge knitter who is having a trouble-free Olympics? I hope things work out...