Monday, January 30, 2006

silk purse into sow's ear

So, despite what I said, I spent lots of this weekend knitting the silk top.
And the more I knit, the less I like it. It's really unflattering and fits oddly. The neck is too high, the bust shaping looks weird, I'm not sure I'd actually wear it. I'm not sure whether to rip it up and start something else or persevere. Thing is, the silk's really delicate and gets more delicate every time it's ripped. I've frogged some of it about three times already and there are loads of places where it's just broken mid row and I've had to leave dangling ends. I like the colours, but I'm not really convinced I like the way variegated yarns look over a large area. Close up, they're lovely, but from a distance all you see are little clumps of colour.

I don't know what to do, so I'm going to shove it all in a bag and leave it in the corner of my room until inspiration strikes.


Debs said...

Don't you need to change what it says in 'thinking about knitting'? Unless you're very prepared for next Christmas.

Pig wot flies said...

True, it could do with updating.

Mary deB said...

Are you Olympic knitting? I'll post on my blog about the opening ceremonies party!

Pig wot flies said...

I think I might be. Still plotting what to knit.