Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Auntie knitting

Debs requested pictures of 'Auntie knitting' on my blog. So, ok. :)

First of all, one that doesn't fit.

Tiny red cardi

My nephew Jaiden was born on 20 December at about 9.30pm. (The twinges Debs was having on the 7th were a false alarm.) It felt like we were all on tenterhooks for the whole of December waiting for this little guy to make his appearance and of course, he eventually did.

This is the Puerperium cardigan (rav link). Here's a better picture.

It's a sweet little cardigan, knit from the top down, with raglan sleeves and buttons down the side. But I forgot that babies in our family tend to be on the big side and it just wouldn't do up round JJ. Ah well. It'll find a baby it'll fit one day.

Other knits were a little more successful.

Hey little dude!

You might recognise this hat from the post below. It fits, with room to spare. :) (Also that cardigan, originally made for Sophia. Lovely to see it being passed on to the next small member of the family).

And the socks fit! Aren't little newborn legs in little socks adorable? :-*

(Also visible in that picture, phone case and bear knitted by my other sister Hannah. Knitting definitely runs in the family!)

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Debs said...

9.36pm to be precise
Show them the dolly too!