Tuesday, October 20, 2009

tiny February baby jacket

February baby jacket, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

This is my favourite thing I've knitted so far for Tiny. I started it in January, before I knew my sister was pregnant. The yarn was a freebie from Yarn Forward magazine and it just seemed to fit with the pattern. Then when Debs found she was pregnant, it had to be for her baby. And here she is, finally and it fits.

Yarn: Merino wool, reward for renewing my subscription to Yarn Forward magazine. (Looking at my ravelry notes, it's called Sensation. 100g, 300m).

Needles: 3.25mm circulars

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby sweater on two needles (Ravelry link), with gull lace as she suggests.

I followed the directions, which mostly made sense to me. I think I had to redo the button holes near the top when I realised what she meant - button holes every 7 garter ridges, I think. It's such a beautiful pattern! I can see why so many people knit them. Purple buttons came from John Lewis. I love the contrast between yellow and purple, it makes both colours pop. More baby clothes should be in bright colour combinations!

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Anna said...

Both are absolutely gorgeous. I love the colours you've chosen and they look absolutely adorably on Tiny.