Monday, September 22, 2008

a pile of hand-dyed yarn

Terrible photo cos all I've got is PhotoBooth on my Mac (anyone want to buy me a digital camera for my birthday?). But here is the yarn I dyed with Rosie last weekend.

I'm turning it into a cardigan, or more likely the body of a cardigan in stripes of the different yarns. The narrow vertical stripe is to make the most of the short colour sections in the rainbow coloured yarn I dyed. I didn't like the mixture of colours when I wound it into a ball, but when they line up they're gorgeous. So, this is my first garment sized intarsia project (does it count as intarsia if it's all in one stripe?). I tried out my technique on a little hat last week. The bottom has a knitted in hem to keep it neat (first time I've done that on a large garment too, though I've done it on socks). I think I've got enough yarn to make 2 fronts and a back, with some left over to do little stripes on the sleeves. I'm not sure what the sleeves will be made from yet. Something plain, maybe more off-white aran, though I've not got many balls that match, or maybe something else. I'm basing the pattern on the Go-Everywhere, go with everything cardigan (Ravelry link) but since I've already deviated from that by changing the gauge, adding stripes and a hem, and will probably add a little waist shaping, it's really only a guide.


Rosie said...

they look wonderful; it always surprises me how different they look once they're reskeined/wound into balls. I love the knitting in the foreground, what will it be?

Elly said...

Sounds like a project and a half. And this is the girl who doesn't want to read at the momen. I don't think there is anything wrong with your brain if you can get your head round that. Look forward to seeing it in progress and the finshed results.

Pig wot flies said...

But knitting uses a different part of my brain from reading. It's more like tactile maths.