Tuesday, September 02, 2008

hello there

Daddy's hat - front, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

Long time no knit! Sorry. Life got busy and I'm camera-less. Apart from the web-cam on my new (ish) Mac.

I have been knitting. There are various things in progress. And here's one I've just finished. It's a hat for my Daddy. I say finished, I've haven't woven in the ends in yet and he hasn't tried it on yet. But it looks like a finished object, so I thought I'd blog it.

Pattern: Greenery Hat by Lilith Parker

Needles: 4mm circs

Yarn: 2.5 balls of random off-white aran wool or wool blend from my grandma's stash.

Modifications: Increased to 120 stitches (one extra cable repeat round). 30 rows of ribbing for a big turn-up.

Notes: The pattern's well written, although I wish it had charts. Could always have made my own, I suppose. Once you get into it, the cable pattern becomes logical and I didn't really need to refer to the directions, except when it came to decreasing. All the decreases are written as k2tog. I switched some to ssk because I thought it looked neater. It's an easy pattern to tinker with, e.g. deciding on the amount of ribbing, adding or decreasing the number of cables horizontally or vertically to change the size. I'm toying with the idea of knitting a baby-sized one in 4-ply, or maybe the Calmer I've still got left over from Shedir.

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Elly said...

Looks great I think he will love it.