Friday, July 14, 2006

the comfort of cashmere

Today I'm wearing my cashmere socks. They're keeping my very cold feet warm. I think it's the lack of food and electrolytes, despite the digusting rehydration fluids I've been drinking (stomach bug since Monday, gradually getting back to normal, but mostly subsisting on rice cakes at the moment). Not much energy, but at least my feet are comfortable.

Incidentally, I put them through the washing maching by mistake earlier this week. Both of them. And they're fine. Don't think I'd do it regularly, but good to know if it happens accidentally it's OK. It's Hipknits cashmere sock yarn. Good job Kerrie.


E-J said...

I had the image of you putting your feet through the washing machine by mistake, and my mind briefly boggled. Those socks are great colours!

Rosie said...

Phew! So glad that they've survived. Hope that you're recovering swiftly now.

Debs said...

I was gonna write a comment about ricecakes tasting like poly.. poli... the white packaging stuff, but realised I couldn't spell it.

Oh, I just did. Doh.

Hope you're feeling better and surviving. Ring me if I can do anything, or you jusy want an excuse to snooze for a few minutes, or something.

kerrie said...

Cashmere is much tougher than people think, I mean - it survives on the top of mountains on a goat, how delicate can it be! I'm glad they made it through the washing machine and came out unscathed. Hope you feel better soon..