Tuesday, May 16, 2006

this morning's post

This morning, I was late enough (or he was extra early) to still be at home when the postman came and he brought socks! Hooray! Here they are, beautiful Boysenberry Pie socks knitted by Judy of Dragonflyknits. Yay! They're beautiful! They're beautifully soft and just my colours. Thank you!

And that's not all. She also sent beautiful stitch markers, look. Pretty! As I was dancing round the kitchen and taking pictures of my feet (as you do) there was an item on the radio about online communities and how they affect people. This knitblogging thing is a little odd, perhaps, but it's fun thinking of all those socks flying around the world, all those connections that wouldn't have been made otherwise. Big round of applause for Alison for making it all possible!


Judy said...

I'm so glad you like them! I really enjoyed making them, and have made several more pairs with the same pattern. I forgot to say, they are hand wash only (I have felted this yarn, Knitpicks Hydrangea, before!). My daughter will be glad you liked the stitch markers; she's the one who made them.
It really is amazing how close one can become to people you've only "met" online, isn't it? The knitblogging community is great, though.
Enjoy the socks!

Debs said...

They look really fab. Well done Judy :-)

HP said...

Wow. Beautiful. And i love the titch markers too. Very inspiring!!
Well done Jud and family indeed.

HP said...

sorry the stitch markers not titch markers!!!

Mary deB said...

Nice socks! It's great to get such things in the mail, isn't it?

Debs said...

HP were you being economic with your typing. Are you not allowed to use more than a certain number of each letter at a time?