Thursday, May 04, 2006

I like finishing things

Really I do. I just don't seem capable of finishing anything other than socks. Starting stuff though, I'm very good at. Like this. A Somewhat Cowl in Debbie Bliss Maya, which is a beautiful colour and will be too hot to wear for months. I love it though. The yarn is just thick enough to make progress at a satisfying rate and the colour is just subtly variable enough to give it depth and interest.
But I still haven't finished Angelica (she's got half an arm and may have for a long time yet. Knitting arms is boring. I need a long and dramatic film or several. Or a really long train journey) and Forecast hasn't got any further than this. And what I really need right now is a little, lightweight v-neck summer cardigan. Maybe like this once Ysolda puts the big sizes up. Or maybe I should just invent something. But I'd need to buy yarn. Or maybe I should finally get round to making Arisaig, which I've wanted to make ever since I saw it, but have been scared of the lace. But now I've knit lace, I can see it's not scary at all. So maybe I should do that. Or maybe I should write the essay that's due in a fortnight.


Anonymous said...

Hi -- Just a note to say your socks will be a teeeeeensy bit late, as haven't mailed them yet. Saturday I will though, I swear!! I hope you like them well enough that is it worth the wait.
Your Sockpal

Dee said...

If you hate doing arms, just imagine doing lacey arms. They will go on forever..........

How about knitting up a quick cardi in a chunkyish summer weight yarn, such as a cotton blend? Quick fix from someone who gets very bored with arms (not to mention backs).

Alice said...

that ysolda cardi is pretty amazing isn't it?

I'd do it, but i'm only working from stash yarn.

Pig wot flies said...

OK sockpal, I'm on tenterhooks.

It's not sleeves per se, it's Angelica in particlar. Rounds and rounds of stocking stitch in the round and no idea how many rows I need because I'm knitting at a different guage and I've got long arms. At least a sleeve in lace would have some interest.