Wednesday, October 19, 2005

treasure trove

purple wool, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

Sometimes you find wool in the most unexpected places. In this case, the post office in Stepney Green.

I discovered they sold yarn a few weeks ago when I went to post a parcel. Today I went back in search of something suitable for the trim on the bright pink cardigan I'm currently knitting. I'm using a chunky mostly acrylic blend with a little mohair that I bought on eBay. Finding something to go with it is proving a little tricky. I want a bright purple, but can I find it? I thought the post office would be a good place to look. They've got the sort of selection you'd expect for somewhere that's been selling wool for 20 years - lots of acrylic and machine washable wool.

I found some suitable yarn - Sirdar Misty Look - but not in a colour that worked for me. However, the bloke running the post office let me rummage around in the back store room. It was dusty and untidy and piled with bags of yarn. I made him move boxes and climb up shelves to fetch down things I liked the look of. The purple stuff on the left was way up in one corner and took some effort to get down. It's doesn't go with the pink, but having let him risk life and limb to get it down, I thought I'd better buy some. The slubby pink and purple stuff I like better though. I'm thinking maybe edging for gloves. Or a hat?

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