Monday, October 11, 2010

Birthday cardigan

My little niece, Sophia, aka Tiny, was 1 year old last week. I made her a birthday cardigan and yesterday Rob and I went down to my parents' for lunch and got to hand it over in person. This is what happened.

Ooh look

Ooh look, a present.

a little help from Mummy

Mummy had better help open it.

I think she likes it

I think she likes it. :)


Pretty posing.

The details:

Started: 8 September

Finished 30 September

Pattern: Maggie's Flower Tunic by Nancy Barrett with the addition of sleeves.

Mods: The sleeves and an i-cord bind off in the contrast colour on hem and sleeves.

Yarn: Adriafil New Zealand Multicolour. Under half a ball of the purple colourway and just over a ball of the rainbow pastel colourway. The yarn was a lovely gift from friends when I was in hospital.

Needles: 4.5 mm circulars

Buttons came from Sew Creative. I wish I'd made it bigger. It's sized for an 18months child, but Sophia, like the rest of our family, is on the large side for a one year old. In future I need to take this into consideration! It fits now, though the sleeves are a little short, but I suspect it won't for long.

Ravelled here

I'm working on a hat to semi-match.


Rosie said...

Oh, it really suits her! Hope you're recovering well.

Debs said...

We'll put it on her as much as we can while it does fit!