Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christmas knitting - HP's shawl

HP's shawl - wing tips, originally uploaded by the pig wot flies.

Christmas knitting has almost all now reached its recipients, so I can show you what I made.

This is a shawl for my little sister HP. It's actually been in my head for a while. The yarn was a subscription renewal gift from Yarn Forward magazine about a year ago. It's a cobweb weight cashmere/silk blend in lime green. HP likes lime green, so it had to be something for her. Then I found the Laminaria pattern in Knitty's Spring 2008 issue. Perfect marriage of yarn and pattern!

I started knitting at some point in the summer. I can't really remember when. I know it was beyond my powers of concentration for a bit when I was proper ill. I finished it in early December, just before I was going away for the weekend so could use my bed as a blocking surface.

I'm really pleased with the result. It's my first proper lace project (the previous ones have used 4-ply or thicker). There's one big mistake in the star stitch section which I couldn't work out how to fix, but it's not terribly obvious at first glance. I wanted to give it a proper photoshoot, but I forgot, and had to settle for a few snatched snaps, complete with lensflare. More on flickr.


Rosie said...

You have a very lucky sister!

♥ KNITTING ART said...

I agree with Rosie :*) lovely shawl. Best wishes...