Monday, November 26, 2007

wanting new stuff

Sometimes I think the whole online knitting community is all about making you want stuff. New things to knit, new yarns to knit with or fondle, new techniques to try out. Perhaps.

Whatever your views on knitting as a consumer activity, it is true that I do want to knit something new. I have several projects on the needles in various stages of done-ness. Ivy needs half a tie and a neckband (and probably a good blocking). One Eleanora sock is halfway along the foot. One entrelac sock (inspired by domesticat's version, but in sock yarn oddments, so even more colourful. Possibly too colourful.) is nearly at the heel. One Bottoms-up top awaits sleeves and a yoke. I am in need of jumpers because it is cold. Once today's presentation (which is supposed to be consuming all my energies today) is out of the way, I will finish Ivy and then either do the maths and start on sleeves, or unravel an old and enormous jumper made from Colinette Point 5 and see how quickly I can turn it into a top-down raglan v-neck.


HP said...

Wow entrelac socks sound cool and multi coloured ones too!! Sounds like m kind of knitting almost!! Cant wait to see them.
good to hear you are still knitting.

Krazy Kate Designs said...

Wow, I got your blog address from your Sis visiting in the States. I'm trying to learn to knit and your blog sounded like inspiration. After seeing what you do, oh my!

Pig wot flies said...

Thanks Krazy Kate.

One day there will be more recent content, but being cameraless at the moment, there doesn't seem much point in posting pictureless entries.