Tuesday, November 21, 2006

itchy itchy

I've got a horrible feeling I might be allergic to wool. After wearing Arisaig most of the weekend, the skin on my forearms is itchy and covered in little insect bite type lumps. Oh dear. Yesterday I was wearing it over a long sleeve top, but on Friday and Saturday I wore a three-quarter length sleeved top and I wasn't itchy before that, so I suspect wool might be the culprit. (Any wool allergic people out there? Do my symptoms sound like yours?) That would actually explain a few things, like the unseasonal 'insect bites' I occasionally find on my ankles and wrists. Mostly, apart from socks, I don't wear woolly things next to my skin, more by accident than design. It's just annoying to find yet another thing I'm allergic to. No, it's not a long list (cats, nickel, raw apple, tree pollen), just an inconvenient one. Grrr.


Alice said...

Oh no!


its so annoying isn't it?! And the wool can feel all soft in your hands, its just when it's worn over time. At least you can wear it over other things.

Elly said...

poor love
it could be that is the problem though
annoying that
What about your socks do they irritate you

Pig wot flies said...

I do sometimes get little itchy lumps on my ankles and the top of my foot. Not enough to bother me, but putting that together with what's happened to my arms, I think it might be wool-related.

Debs said...

Poor Pig Wot :-(

Alice said...

I get lumps on my elbows and knees from washing powder... so it *could* just be something the yarn was treated with that'll go in a wash or two.

but as you say above, it could well just be some wool that's a problem. I can do ok sometimes with matchmaker, "baby" merinos and extra fine merino (e.g. rowan "soft") and it varies - when i'm on my period its much worse.